• Other Concrete Services

    Fire Pit by H2 Concrete Services of Kannapolis

    Here are some of the other Concrete Services that H2 Concrete Services of Kannapolis:

    • Fire Pits
    • Fountains
    • Spa or Hot Tubs
    • AC Unit Pads


    One of the most welcoming features you can add to your outdoor entertaining area is a fire pit. There is much fun in gathering around a fire to make smores and enjoy a family gathering or a larger gathering.

    Fountains are also an attractive addition to your outdoor entertainment area as well as serving as noise reducing feature if you live in an area that is close to a busy street or school.

    You may be interested in an area for family members to join and just relax. A perfect option for this is a Hot Tub. Concrete bases have been used for hot tub for years. It is easy to level and is very versatile.

    One of the most requested concrete projects that H2 Concrete Services has provided is AC Unit Pads. An Air Conditioner pad plays an important role in keeping your unit safe from damage that may shorten the life of your unit.; such as direct contact with the ground which can cause a vibration in the unit as well as protecting the unit from pests that can get inside your AC unit.

    H2 Concrete Services has contractors that specialize in all of these smaller concrete projects. Whether your concrete is a small or a very large, the most important part of any concrete project is the contractor!