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    Garage floors are generally pretty bland – not very exciting, and typically gray. In most garages, there are stains from oil leaks or other fluids that over time have gotten on the floor, soaked in, and now have degraded the look of your garage. An epoxy floor coating can give your floor a beautiful look and provide protection from the normal day to day wear and tear. Leaving your floor unfinished that wear and tear will quickly degrade that floor.


    There are options when it comes to addressing your floor coatings. One of the best options is an Epoxy floor coating. However, buyer beware, there are many different kinds of coatings claiming to be a durable paint substitute for epoxy. These will typically look great for a while but then will begin to peel and separate from the floor. Your floors will then look worse than they did before you applied the coating. True epoxy floor coatings are extremely tough and bond to the concrete in a way that cannot separate and peel off. The right kind of epoxy can withstand high or low temperatures and will last for many years.


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    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating - H2 Concrete Services of Kannapolis
    Epoxy Flooring Garage - H2 Concrete Services of Kannapolis

    There are 4 steps that we take to apply your new Epoxy floor:

    1. The floor is first thoroughly cleaned and prepared (etched) for the application of the epoxy coating.  This will help the epoxy resin to bond with the concrete.
    2. Simultaneously, any holes or uneven areas are filled providing a solid base for the application
    3. The epoxy coating(s) are applied by a professionally trained technician. The result is a smooth, even finish.
    4. The garage floor is allowed to cure and then a top clear coat is applied application giving it a shiny finish. This finish does not become slick when wet.
    Note that the epoxy is available in a variety of colors to complement your wall or house colors. Please contact us for a FREE quote today.